Irrigation Offerings

Drip Irrigation - Underground Sprinklers - Fully Automated Timing Systems

Benchmark Landscape Management has the skills and equipment to install landscape irrigation systems, and we work with both commercial and residential customers .  As part of our comprehensive set of landscape services we offer both drip and in ground irrigation systems.  A drip irrigation system will allow your plantings to thrive and are economical to install and use.  Our drip irrigation systems help your plantings, whether they be annuals, shrubs, or trees to look their best and reach their full life span.  This not only makes them work well in your landscape but saves money as it reduces replacement costs.   When nature does not provide enough water, or location or soil type does not retain the moisture your plants need, a drip irrigation system is often the best option.

For lawns Benchmark installs underground irrigation systems.  An underground irrigation (sprinkler) system is the best way to keep your lawn performing the best throughout the full growing season.  We will custom design your irrigation system to match the soil type, grade, and shade conditions so that you get the best results with the lowest install cost and water usage.  We also install automated sprinkler control systems that allow you to apply the needed water when it is most effective.  

Benchmark Landscaping also maintains sprinkler and irrigation systems.  We offer seasonal service to assure that your sprinkler or irrigation system will work correctly and reliably year after year.